How can you order a caricature?


To order a caricature is easy!!

First find a picture of each person, the picture needs to be high resolution, colour of eyes and hair need to be ok, it has to be a jpg or png file.

Then you choose the draughtsman in the webshop or you indicate that it does not matter. Then you choose the type of drawing; portrait, with body, or background, of an individual person or a group.

Now you can upload your picture(s).

An extra option will appear to have additional features or products you can add to your order.

If you have selected and uploaded all, you can click to add it at your shopping basket. Here you can change the delivery time (normally the drawing will be send in 14 days) Ofcourse there will be extra costs.

Payment can be done by various systems, like PayPal, creditcard.

You will receive an email with the number of your order. If you have questions please mail us by answering this email, so we immediately have all information.

And then you have to start waiting....