What is cartooning

In cartooning, the draftsman makes cartoons of situations.

During a presentation, a brainstorm session or other meeting, the draftsman is present and on the basis of what is discussed, drawings will be made. At the end of the session you can see in cartoons what has been discussed.

How to contact us?

You can request a quote at the bottom of the "booking" page. You will then receive a form where you can enter the relevant information. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Of course you can also call us.

How long will the caricatures be online?

Our goal is to keep all caricatures online as long as will exist.

Does the copyright apply to my caricature?

Personal use is permitted. For any commercial or professional use, first read the 'Conditions'.

Is it possible to print the caricature on paper or on a coffee mug or T-shirt (and send it by post)?

Yes, we have a special store where we sell products on which your caricature can be printed.

A few ideas:
* neatly framed in a list of your choice
* printed on a T-shirt, apron or mouse pad
* printed on a coffee mug or wooden panel

Look for these funny ideas on and ask for a quote

You can also click on the gift icon when downloading your caricature. You will then be immediately redirected to the webshop.

* Attention: Some products are only available in the Netherlands and Belgium. 

Is it possible to draw a caricature of several people?

That is possible to a limited extent. In our studio we can make caricatures of several people. Ask for the possibilities.

What can I do with my digital caricature?

You can download your caricature and use it in your own digital files. You can also print it on paper or another product.

Commercial use is only permitted after consultation with

You can set your caricature as a background on your computer screen or add it to your email template on PC or Mac.