Are you looking for entertainment for your event, party or at a trade fair?

You can contact us for drawing caricatures digitally, on paper or beer mats . But cartooning is also something we can provide.
Under the application form you will find more information about the different types of performances.

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1. Digital caricature drawing, with print A6 and free download

The caricaturist will come with his drawing tablet and a second screen. (you can watch him drawing!). At a breakneck speed, he outlines your guests to max 40 people in 4 hours! The persons that had a caricature receive an A-6 print with their caricature on it. Everyone also receives a card with a link where the drawings can be downloaded. Fun afterwards too!

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2. Digital caricature drawing, with products of our giftbox.

Combination with gift box where the caricature is printed immediately on, for example, a mug, apron or mouse pad. Harold offers unique, total entertainment here. An impressive parasol provides a cozy atmosphere. Underneath it is a nice counter that conceals a complete print shop. While Harold draws digital caricatures, his assistant is on standby to print the cheerful portrait on a T-shirt, mouse pad, cooking apron, napkin, mug, et cetera. The nicest gifts are made on site. 


3. Drawing on beer coasters, also possible with a personalized back.

a quick and light form of entertainment in a small format! Sandor or Harold from Team Caricature walks around among the guests to draw them on beer coasters in a short time.

A fun and quick act is drawing on beer coasters. The artist walks around among your guests to draw them in a few minutes.Fun during business events and parties, but also very popular at weddings; both to entertain the day guests in the afternoon or during the evening party.can also be booked with multiple artists


4. Back to Black,

on A5 paper in rapid succession.

The caricaturist draws your guests in style on paper with just a black pen or marker. Very suitable for events with many visitors. Up to 20 drawings can be made per hour. Do you need price information? Complete the booking form at the top of the page!

5. Cartooning

With cartooning, the artist puts your thoughts on paper during (for example) brainstorming (can also be done digitally) "A drawing often says more than 1000 words" is sometimes said and besides, anything is possible in the drawing. Thinking "out of the box" can be given shape in this way!
But it is also often a valuable addition to change processes or other meetings. The drawings are often used as reminders later.