Christmas cards and birthdays...


Most of the Christmas cards have already been made for this year, but we would like to make a suggestion for next year's!

Because birthdays are also something to think about. And what if you combine that?

At we have come up with the birthday-Christmas card service.

During the year we make sure you have an original gift for your staff or family members, for example a portrait caricature on a mug or apron.

We save all drawings and at the beginning of December we contact you for the Christmas card. 

The design can be a template like the one for the sleigh, but a custom-made idea is also possible.

Only the costs are lower now, because the portraits are already there! These can easily be incorporated in the Christmas card.

This way you kill two birds with one stone!

Birthdays become something to look forward to and your relations will look forward to the original Christmas card. In the past, many Christmas cards have become collector's items!