From birthday present to a Christmas card.


Did you also receive a Christmas card this year that was so special that you saved it?

Especially for companies, this is an excellent opportunity to remain in memory of potential customers. The Christmas card that remains on the notice board and that is often looked at, and then of course the logo of the company is clearly visible on the card.

But how to do this?

At we have a nice proposal for that.

If you are looking for a nice birthday present for the staff anyway, you could have a caricature made at Possibly combined with a mug, apron, frame or other product that they offer in the webshop. All drawings are made digitally and can be collected during the year in a folder of your company.

At the end of the year, there are caricature drawings of all employees. These can then be combined in a special Christmas caricature, possibly related to your company, so that you can send a fantastic, original Christmas card.

And so you have 2 special items, a nice gift for every employee with the birthday and then also a special Christmas card for a small extra cost!

Got inspired?

Take a look at our caricatures on and send an email to